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R.B.D.A.V. aspires for quality and not quantity. The NCERT Curriculum is followed. The evaluation is made under CCE. The all round development of the students is focused upon by encouraging them to involve themselves in scholastic and co-scholastic activities equally.

Art, Music, Dance, Physical Education and Work Experience activities in clay modelling, Electronics, Wood-work and Metal work are also an integral part of the curriculum. Educational excursions, field trips and community service are also encouraged to widen the scope of education.

For the promotion of Sports and Games the school has one Gymnasium, Basket ball Court, Volleyball court, Lawn Tennis Court, Shooting Range and facility for indoor games. In addition to this the school has hired a number of play grounds and coaches for different games like Kabbadi, Hockey, Football, Handball etc.

Following CCE

Each term will have two Formative Assessments and one Summative Assessment for evaluation of Scholastic areas.

  1. Formative Assessment is a tool used by the teachers to continuously monitor students’ progress in a non-threatening and supportive environment.
  1. It shall increase the self-esteem of child and decrease the work load. It is diagnostic and remedial. It provides platform for active involvement of students in their self learning. It provides feedback to student and teachers for remedial interventions resulting in enhanced learning and attainments. Some examples of formative assessment include assignments and projects.
  2. Assessments done periodically will be shown to the students/parents so as to encourage continuous participatory improvement.
  1. Summative Assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of each term .It indicates how much a student has learnt. It is used for certification of academics.
Evaluation of Co-scholastic areas:

The term Co-scholastic refers to those aspects which are related to hand, head and heart. These include psychomotor skills, physical developments, life skills, attitude, values, interests and participation in co-curricular activities. Participation and achievement in activities involving literary & creative skills, scientific, aesthetic skills and performing arts & clubs; and health & physical education will be evaluated.