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Event Start Date : 21/04/2023 Event End Date 21/04/2023

"Be the change, you want to bring about in the world"
A special Assembly presented by class XA was held in the school on the occasion of World Earth Day .
The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. A skit enmarking conservation of planet was presented followed by a group song, speech group dance and much more .
The Principal Dr. Anuradha Bhatia guided the students to save water in their day to day lives and to do their best in the conservation of the planet. Students pledged to do their best to conserve our planet earth.
The Plantation Drive has been taken as the major activity,  in which students of Class 11 & 12  , have taken part very  enthusiastically.  Madam Principal  alongwith the co- ordinator of Sen. Sec. Block Mr. O.P. Tiwari has started the Drive by planting the saplings of a Mango plant. Saplings of Various Medicinal plants, Herbs, and Shrubs   and  fruit trees have been planted. While addressing the students Principal  Dr. Anuradha Bhatia has  guided the students  not to leave the plants uncared for. They should water those plants regularly. She further guided the students  how they can make the Mother Earth a better living place for themselves and for the coming generations as well . She added that we  should keep wet waste and dry waste separate to make way for easy decomposition. We should try to implement the rule of 3 R’s, that is re-use, re-cycle and reduce. A dance performance was also given by the students  highlighting the effects of global warming and how we as responsible citizens can try to reverse the effect of it.
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