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D.A.V Movement  

The need for providing sound education to young ones has been stressed upon by the educational thinkers, philosophers and saints at all times. Maharishi Dayanand ji, the great torch bearer of Indian Renaissance of 19th century propounded a national system of education in his immortal creation the 'Satyarth Prakash'. Education, according to him, is the most potent tool for bringing about national reconstruction and eradication of social evils like untouchability, economic inequality, and superstition etc.To propagate the thoughts and teaching of the Maharishi the D.A.V. Movement was founded in 1886 at Lahore in the form of    D.A.V. School. Soon the chain of D.A.V. institution known for their enviable standards and  programme of education with moral and religious content as an integral part spread allover the  country.
The dawn of independence brought in its train the dire need for quality education. Since the frontiers of knowledge are expanding at a terrific speed, mere acquisition of knowledge is not enough. The emphasis has shifted from bookish education to all-around development of personality. The D.A.V. College Managing Committee under the enlightened leadership of our revered president Prof. Ved Vyasa has launched an elaborate and ambitious plan of opening a network of public schools with a view to (i) equip the children with the tools of acquiring knowledge (ii) bringing about harmonious and balanced personality by providing an educational programme in the fabric of which academic, co-curricular and moral religious education are interwoven.